Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lollipop ladies on camera....

Spy camera to ensure lollipop lady gets no stick

Hidden cameras are being used by lollipop ladies and men under a scheme to expose bad drivers outside schools..

Spy cameras are being hidden in traffic lollipops under a new scheme to expose bad drivers outside schools.
School crossing patrolman Tom Holmes with a lollipop stick fitted with a camera in red at bottom of the ring Photo: LIVERPOOL DAILY POST
The “lollicams” are being introduced around schools in Wales after successful trials of similar schemes in England and Scotland.
While critics labelled the moves “sad and disappointing”, officials defended the scheme as a necessary way of protecting schoolchildren and traffic wardens.
Under the Flintshire County Council pilot, “lollipop” sticks would be fitted with hidden cameras at several locations across the area.
Any video footage would be used to prosecute dangerous and careless driving and help stamp out road rage. School crossing wardens are to undergo training to use the devices.
The cameras, which will be moved throughout the area, are activated when the pole touches the ground and are pointed at the offending car to record the number plate.
The scheme has been launched for the first time in Wales after a number of incidents in which motorists assaulted crossing patrol staff or ignored their demands to stop.
Latest figures show that around 1,400 such incidents are reported to councils across the country.
In extreme cases some lollipop staff reportedly needed hospital treatment after being hit by cars.

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