Thursday, November 18, 2010

Super high definition London captures every detail...

  • 16 November 2010, 10:54

London captured in record detail

London gigapixel project /Europics
The world's highest ever definition photograph has been taken of London - so detailed that a naked woman caught in a window had to be edited out.
The London gigapixel project took six weeks to complete using high tech computer software and a powerful Fujitsu Celsius workstation with dual 6-core CPUs, 192GB of RAM, and a 4GB graphics card.
The resulting image is made from 7,886 high-resolution individual photos, adding up to an incredible 80 billion pixels, and can now be seen online at
Spokesman Bruce Pales from said: "Our picture of London was shot by photographer Jeffrey Martin over a period of three days from the top of the Centre Point building.
"The image reveals the highest-resolution view of any city that has ever been captured, sometimes with a bit too much detail. We discovered that there was a woman standing by a window and we had to Photoshop her out.
"But that was the only change we made - otherwise it is a 100% faithful reproduction. We were 36 stories up in the air for the shoot - and an astonishing number of landmarks, houses, skyscrapers, shops, offices, and streets are visible.
"Countless people at street level are observable, as well as thousands of windows, many of which reveal glimpses of life inside. In short, it is a portrait of London, the likes of which has never been made before."

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