Wednesday, April 20, 2011

World's smallest caravan... Cr'ouch!!!

  • 19 April 2011, 11:14

The world's smallest caravan

QTvan /Jonathan Hordle/Rex
Shoppers were left bemused after spotting the world's smallest caravan being towed inside a London supermarket.
The £5,500 QTvan is small enough to be used legally on the pavement or inside a shop.
It was designed by Yannick Read, who previously built a 'Bond Bike' complete with ejector seat and flame thrower.
The QTvan is so named because it caters to three peculiarly British obsessions: caravans; queuing and tea.
As such the tiny camper is being touted as the ideal home away from home for anyone having to queue overnight for the sales or tickets.
With a bed, kettle, TV, radio alarm clock the mini 6ft by 2ft 6ins abode boasts everything needed to make a long wait bearable.
It was developed by the Environmental Transport Association to highlight the fact that 220,000 people with mobility scooters do not have breakdown cover and face the prospect of a long wait should they suffer a mechanical fault or flat battery.
ETA spokesman Yannick Read, said: "While our own mechanics aim to reach your stranded mobility scooter in 40 minutes, if you don't have breakdown cover your options are to push something that weighs the equivalent of two men all the way home or call on a relative with a large car."

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