Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Teenager makes bizarre transport from half a Renault

  • 21 June 2011, 11:13

Is it a bike? Is it a car?

Bike car /Europics
A motorbike-mad teenager's bizarre creation has been given the boot by police - after he welded half a Renault Clio onto the back of his favourite bike.
Markus Sell, 17, from Jonschwil, Switzerland, was stopped by traffic cops on his maiden voyage as he roared down the road in the 70mph hybrid.
"It wasn't taxed, insured or tested. In fact, we weren't even sure it was a car or a motorbike," said one officer.
"He's a talented mechanic but he should stick to race tracks," they added.
The news emerged a day after we reported that a Chinese man who transformed his old Nissan car into a replica of a Lamborghini had run into trouble.
Liu Yuandong was pulled over by police within minutes of taking the 'sportscar' for its first spin.

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