Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Teenager takes car on a 300ft flight and lands on house roof

  • 27 June 2011, 13:19

Teenage car thief takes flight

Car on roof /Europics
A teenage car thief lost control of a stolen vehicle - and sailed 300ft through the air off a mountainside onto the roof of a house.
The 16-year-old spent hours speeding around winding mountain roads in Walemsee, Switzerland, before taking one bend too quickly.
"He spun the car through a safety barrier and it flew 30 metres through the air before it landed on a roof garden below," said one police officer.
"But the momentum kept the car going and it bounced off that roof and fell another 70 metres until it finally came to rest on a house lower down the slope."
Astonishingly the dazed driver was unhurt in the crash and was caught trying to stagger away down the road suffering from shock.
Home-owner Thorsten Baumgartner, 48, said: "There was an enormous bang and the whole property shook.
"I thought at first it was an earthquake or that part of the hillside had collapsed on my property. I didn't expect to see a car on the roof when I went outside.
"I thought the person must be very badly injured inside but when I got there it was empty. I thought perhaps they had been thrown out of the vehicle but then I realised that they had obviously run-off. I'm amazed that they were unhurt."
Police say the 16-year-old schoolboy is being questioned in youth custody.

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