Friday, July 22, 2011

"Keep off the grass" sign put on two square feet of turf...

'Keep off grass' 

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Small problem ... sign in Raynes Park
Spent some pretty green ... residents have blasted sign as waste of money

A COUNCIL has been blasted by baffled residents after putting up a "keep off the grass" sign on a verge measuring just two square feet.

Officials said the sign was erected to stop people from parking on the pavement.
But Tom Beardmore, 29, from Raynes Park, South West London, said: "It's between two drives so there's no way anyone could fit a car in there.
"It's got to be a candidate for the stupidest sign in London."
Residents have also branded the sign a waste of money from a council that is set to make cuts worth £69million.


Tom, a marketing planner, added: "It's a completely brainless act and a ridiculous waste of money, especially in the context of council cuts.
"I appreciate people's plight to keep bits of grassy goodness in place but I would strongly debate why the council felt the sign was an appropriate use of resources."
A pensioner, who did not want to be named, said he was flabbergasted by Merton council's decision.
Board-ers on silly ... sign on tiny grass patch
Board-ers on silly ... sign on tiny grass patch
He said: "Visitors always comment on how silly it is that the council wants to protect such a small patch."
A council spokeswoman said: "The sign was put up to remind motorists that it is illegal to park on the footway and is designed to deter indiscriminate parking."
Havin' a half ... barmy limit
Havin' a half ... barmy limit
Meanwhile, a 9½mph speed limit sign has baffled motorists on a building site in Benwell, Newcastle.
One said: "You could do nine or ten miles per hour, but not a half or a quarter - who thinks of these ridiculous ideas?
"Has someone been paid to dream that up?"

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