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UK students go naked .... not just Sweden !!

Cold front: Cambridge student braves wintry conditions to bare all in a field for student newspaper

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Topless Cambridge student Charlotte
Cambridge student Charlotte braved the cold to pose topless and bare-bottomed in the middle of a muddy field for student newspaper Varsity
The outfit wouldn’t be enough to keep her warm during the cold winter term at Cambridge University – but it might raise the temperatures of a few fellows. 
In a risque photo shoot, this 20-year-old King’s College undergraduate appears wearing nothing but a strategically-placed woolly scarf.
Another shot shows her sporting a fur hat and stretching a dark jumper over the tops of her thighs to narrowly preserve her modesty, while elsewhere she reveals her bare derriere as she stands in a field wearing only boots and a jacket. 
The brunette insisted the pictures – promoting model and fellow King’s College student Lily Cole’s knitwear label North Circular – had ‘artistic integrity’.
But it remains to be seen whether her college supervisors will agree when they come across the photos in the latest edition of Varsity. One even shows her topless – a first in the university newspaper’s 63-year history. 
Charlotte – the Mail Online knows her full name but has agreed not to use it – said: ‘It was good fun and I thought the pictures had real artistic integrity. I had no qualms about doing it. I am happy with my body although I would change a lot of things if I had the power.’
Charlotte, from Exeter, who is in her second-year studying Japanese, said her clinical psychologist father and teacher mother were ‘fine’ with her taking part.
Varsity fashion co-editor Jess Kwong, 24, another student at King’s, said: ‘The pieces are simple and lovely, which is why we kept the photo shoot as simple as possible.’
The shoot entitled Days of Heaven, which is published both in the paper and online, was organised by fashion editor Miss Kwong, who is at King's College with Cole and fashion co-editor Louise Benson.
They had wanted to emulate a shoot supermodel Cole did with German fashion photographer Juergen Teller.
'I've seen earlier fashion shoots in Varsity this term and I think the fashion editors are great photographers, so when they approached me I decided to give it a go,' said Charlotte.
'They showed me the Lily Cole photos from her shoot with Juergen Teller and I liked the idea.
'It was absolutely freezing in the field but they had a big coat on hand.'
Topless Cambridge student Charlotte
It is the first time in Varsity's 63-year history it has ever published such racy photos
Charlotte, who has an older sister, added: 'Jess and Louise are great stylists.' 
The shoot was done in fields around Cambridge on a rainy afternoon.
Miss Kwong said: 'Every week we find a designer and source the clothing so this time we decided to speak to Lily about using her label.
'Lily was pleased to let us use some of her pieces. She knows we have done the shoot but she hasn't seen the pictures yet.

Cambridge student Charlotte
When not being photographed with very few clothes on, Charlotte is a second-year student studying linguistics at Cambridge's King's College
'The pieces are simple and lovely and we didn't want to distract from them, which is why we have kept the photo shoot as simple as possible.
'It was shot in fields around Cambridge in a remote area one afternoon. It was very cold and it actually started to rain while we were doing the pictures.
Lily Cole
Charlotte modelled clothes from the eco knitwear label of supermodel and Cambridge student Lily Cole
'I'm pleased with the result of the shoot and it was a lot of fun.' 
The North Circular line uses wool of rescued Wensleydale sheep and employs local grannies to whip them up in to next season's must-have clothes. 
Two years ago independent Cambridge University magazine Vivid caused uproar by printing a raunchy page three picture of a topless student.
The student, from Homerton College, was wearing a black lacy thong, necklace and stockings as she reclined over one of Cambridge's historic bridges.
The blonde-haired beauty had a cigarette in her hand and her legs splayed provocatively as she posed.
Varsity is the oldest of Cambridge University's student newspapers and has been published continuously since 1947.
It appears every Friday and is one of only three fully independent student newspapers in the UK.
Each edition includes a fashion shoot and past pages have included models in punts on the River Cam or in the grounds of the historical colleges.

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