By Mark Zinni

A wild night inside a military recruiting station ends with criminal charges and an internal investigation by the U.S. Navy.

Justin Szadkowski, 24, appeared in Sandusky Municipal Court on Tuesday afternoon. He was arrested on Oct. 28 inside the West Perkins Avenue office of the Navy and other military branches. Pictures taken inside the recruiting station show beer cans and other alcohol left scattered in the room. Some was even stashed in the ceiling, where police say Szadkowski was trying to hide the alcohol.

"When they responded there, no one answered," said Lt. Al Matthews from the Perkins Township Police Department. "They kinda watched the area and saw two females and also a male they came in contact with and upon talking to them, they found out what was actually going on there."

According to Lt. Matthews, the alcohol was provided by Szadkowski who had three people underage inside the office. Matthews says two women and one man were also charged with underage consumption. Szadkowski entered a no contest plea in court.

"I think they should have a little bit more respect and it shouldn't have never happened," said Bob Wightman, a veteran who lives in Sandusky.

During a phone conversation with FOX 8 News, Szadkowski said it was over and he had no comment.

"It probably shouldn't have gone on at a recruiting station, it shouldn't go on period with minors, but especially at a recruiting station," said Jeff Lange, a member of the American Legion.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Navy says the criminal case in the court of law is closed, but they're just beginning their own military investigation. They say Szadkowski is still in the Navy but he is no longer working as a recruiter.

"There's a lot of concern out there, so this was pretty reckless and, you know, even though things didn't happen this could have escalated into something very terrible, it could have ended in a very sad story," said Lt. Matthews.

According to police, Szadkowski did not get any jail time during his sentencing on Tuesday afternoon. The Navy spokesperson won't comment on what penalty he could face in a military court.