Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Woman solves puzzle with one letter...

US woman solves Wheel of Fortune puzzle with just one letter revealed

A woman from New Jersey has become the latest internet sensation after she solved a Wheel of Fortune word puzzle on which just one letter had been revealed.

Armed with only an 'I' as a clue, Caitlin Burke, a 26-year-old fashion journalist, guessed that the phrase "I've got a good feeling about this" lay behind the 26 remaining spaces.
Her gamble won her a holiday in the Caribbean worth $6,500 (£4,029) and stunned Pat Sajak, the veteran host of the US version of the programme.
Asked how she had known the mystery phrase, Miss Burke said: " I saw that it was a small word, so [thought] 'I've'.
"And I thought maybe 'got a feeling about', so I've got a hunch and I said 'I've got a feeling about this'," she said.
Sajak said sarcastically: "Oh, in that case it was easy!"
Footage of Miss Burke's feat spread across the web on Monday. It was pointed out she was also helped by the previous contestant wrongly guessing the puzzle contained an 'R'.
Miss Burke won a total of more than $53,000 (£32,850) on the programme. She said she planned to pay off her student loan, buy a Chanel handbag and start a business.

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