Thursday, December 30, 2010

Frozen turkey boards plane as hand luggage... strange luggage.

Frozen turkey on luggage list at Cardiff Airport

People find it hard to part with the things they love the most and are forced to take them on their flight. However, a list of items from Cardiff Airport may challenge these relationships with personal luggage.

Among the crazy discoveries at the terminal are a goldfish, a briefcase full of bricks and a frozen turkey.
A frozen turkey and goldfish were taken into Cardiff Airport (PA)A frozen turkey and goldfish were taken into Cardiff Airport (PA)
Despite wholesale improvements to security checks after the September 11th attacks in 2001, people have still felt the need to bring bizarre items along with them on their flights.
The Christmas delight of a 10lb frozen turkey was one passenger's idea of a normal item for hand luggage. What's more, his only concern was whether or not it would defrost by the time he reached his destination.
A butcher's knife was also passed off as something used for gardening, while no-one quite knows why ten bricks were needed by the briefcase owner.
The owner of the goldfish tried to take their pet on their plane as hand luggage and, failing this, tried to check it in, though they were politely told this could not happen.
One passenger even tried to check in a palm tree, while other items denied boarding rights include a bowling ball, two unpackaged armchairs and a chainsaw.

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