Sunday, December 12, 2010

Prostitutes must pay 'sex tax'-Germany

Dortmund introduces 'sex tax' on prostitutes 

Prostitutes in the German city of Dortmund will only be allowed to work if they purchase a 'day ticket', as city officials attempt to reduce the country's budget deficit.

prostitute sex taxDortmund has resorted to taxing prostitutes to help resolve its crippling £80 million deficit (Corbis)

If prostitutes do not buy the $8 (£5) ticket they will face a potential fine. The city of Dortmund is hoping that the new tax will bring in an extra £600,000 each year.
City spokesman Michael Meinders said: ‘Dortmund has financial problems like many cities in Germany. We considered several sex taxes but this was the most practical proposal.’
An alternative proposal was to impose a tax on anyone entering the city’s red-light district, but this plan did not receive as much political support.
The sex tax went into effect in August but it is only this week that the prostitution day tickets have been made available.
Prostitution is legal in Germany - as are brothels - and sex workers are expected to pay tax on their income.

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