Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stolen pork pies cause rise....

Thieves face stiff sentence after stealing Viagra pies 

Baker Vince Bowen has been forced to reveal his pies contained Viagra after a batch was stolen by thieves on the way to a pie eating competition. 

An added kick: the stolen pies were laced with ViagraAn added kick: the stolen pies were laced with Viagra
The pies, which were en route to the World Pie Eating Championships in Wigan, all contained traces of the well-known pharmaceutical sex aid, which is used as a preservative to keep the potatoes firm. 
The event’s organiser and bar-owner, Tony Callaghan, told locals to be on the look-out for a group of hardened criminals.   
Mr Callaghan said, ‘It's a right cock-up. It's going to be very hard to sort this one out.’  
The pie-eating championships have long made use of special ingredients to guarantee all pies are equal so that all contenders face an equally stiff competition.   
Following 2007's record-breaking time owed to over-mushy potatoes, this year the bakery researched food preservatives and discovered Viagra was best for ensuring all the potatoes were equally firm.

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