Thursday, December 23, 2010

'Tis the season to..... rob a bank - Germany

Santas rob supermarket at gunpoint

Two men dressed as Father Christmas help up a supermarket in Berlin this week, making off with a bag of loot all to themselves.

Not-so-merry Christmas: Two santas robbed a Berlin supermarket at gunpointNot-so-merry Christmas: Two santas robbed a Berlin supermarket at gunpoint
The seasonal criminals donned Santa Claus outfits before storming the supermarket in the German capital on Monday. 
Police said in a statement: ‘They didn't look like they were going to be passing out any presents when they came in.’ 
When a sales assistant asked the pair to take of their Christmas disguises, one of the Santas pulled out a gun and demanded money from her and her colleague. 
Neither sales assistant was hurt, but the evil Santas managed to escape with the money. 
Unfortunately gun-wielding Santas seems to be an annual occurrence at Christmas. 
Last year a man dressed as Father Christmas robbed a bank in Tennessee, demanding money from a teller at gunpoint. 
After the money had been handed over to the robber he explained that 'Santa needed to pay his elves.'

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