Sunday, February 27, 2011

3 year old boy plays with alligator in living room...

Woman finds alligator behind settee

Alligator /PA
A Brazilian woman was shocked to find an alligator behind the settee after floodwaters receded from her home.
Her three-year-old son was happily petting the 5ft reptile's head as it lay tamely in her living room.
The alligator was washed inside by floods in the city of Parauapebas, reports the Daily Telegraph.
Fire Captain Luiz Claudio Farias said the woman saw the boy playing with something behind the couch as she cleaned up the following day and had been shocked to find it was an alligator.
"She snatched the boy away and called us," said Capt Farias. "If he was hungry, he could have seriously hurt or even killed the boy."
Firefighters were able to trap the alligator and take it to a nearby environmental preserve, where they set it free.
"Cities in this region were built very near rivers and the rainforests, which is why it is not uncommon to see animals like alligators and snakes entering people's houses," Capt Farias added.
He declined to identify the woman or her son.

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