Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Secret world of an Icelandair flight attendant...

The secret world of an Icelandair flight attendant

  • Airline releases tongue-in-cheek video
  • Shows flight attendant longing to be a pilot
  • Contrast between the lives of the crew
ICELANDAIR has released a tongue-in-cheek video that gives us a glimpse into what life may be like for a flight attendant who desperately wants to be a pilot.
The quirky video was made by the crew for the company's annual ball and uploaded onto YouTube.
The clip begins by showing a man waking up next to a woman, stepping on a condom and then singing in the shower before blow drying a particular part of his body.
He then dons the uniform of a pilot and excitedly makes his way to the airport, waving and smiling all the way.
The next scene shows the man skipping through the aisle of a plane before it is revealed that he is actually a flight attendant - with a dejected look on his face the man removes his pilot stripes and cap before taking coffee to the real pilots in the cockpit.
The video ends with him and the blonde crew members squeezing into a car and singing as they drive away.Never mind - a few seconds later he is seen back in the uniform with a beaming smile dancing his way through the airport to Euro songs, with the assistance of two blonde flight attendants.
The clip is just one of countless comedic videos Icelandair has uploaded to YouTube.

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