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Teenglish App so that older generation can understand the kidz...

'Teenglish' dictionary on your mobile phone: New app will help older generation translate slang

Last updated at 2:50 AM on 26th March 2011
Can't understand da kidz? A new mobile phone application may help
Can't understand da kidz? A new mobile phone application may help
For those older peeps in the fam who want to know what da kidz in their endz are thinking, a sick new app may just hold the key, innit.
In an effort to narrow the generation gap, over-50s group Saga is to launch a mobile phone application to translate  teenagers’ slang.
The ‘Woteva’ app, which will be available by the end of summer, will translate 100 words or phrases.
It has been designed to help parents and grandparents stay in touch with youngsters and will be free to download to any smartphone, such as the iPhone, or similar hand-held device.
Among the translations are peeps, or people; fam, or family; endz, or neighbourhood; and sick, or good.
Dr Ros Altmann, director- general of Saga, said: ‘To some  parents and grandparents, it can feel that the next generation has a language of its own.
‘A translator seems like the obvious solution to prevent the generational gap from widening.
The get-you-by glossary
‘This app will provide people with the opportunity to stay connected with youngsters, and nurture relationships across generations.’
She added: ‘In our estimation around 5 per cent of all words currently in use in the English language are completely alien and indecipherable to people born before the 1960s.’
    The app offers the same service as an online dictionary dedicated to ‘teenglish’ – teenage English – which was launched in 2008.
    The charity Parentline Plus spent months talking to parents and teenagers about the  latest slang before creating

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