Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pay respects online as crematorium shows internet service...

The internet funeral: Webcast at crematorium will allow relatives to watch service online

Last updated at 10:46 AM on 5th April 2011
Grieving relatives unable to attend their loved one's funeral will now be able to watch from home via the internet.
A state-of-the-art British crematorium has installed a webcasting facility, which will see the service broadcast via secure web link.
It is perhaps now how most friends or family would wish to say goodbye but it will help elderly relatives or those living abroad.
East Devon crematorium
East Devon crematorium is offering relatives a webcast service
The new crematorium at Strete Ralegh, near Whimple in East Devon, has cost £4million to build and is one of the first in the UK to be fitted with a webcast option.
People using the secure link - which means access to the site is password protected - will have to pay a charge. 
Serving the Bast Devon and West Dorset region, the development has a single chapel and Book of Remembrance room and is surrounded by ten acres of memorial gardens and woodland. 
The crematorium is also built to take coffins up to one metre wide
Because of rising obesity in the UK, the crematorium has also been built to deal with coffins up to one metre wide rather than the standard 40cm.
The new facility, due to open on April 13, is privately owned and operated by East Devon Crematorium Ltd, which was formed by Cornwall-based Chris Johns. 
Until 2003, Mr Johns was a director of crematoria at Dignity Pic with responsibility for running Exeter Crematorium.
He said: 'We have worked closely with local funeral directors to ensure that the facility is exactly what is needed in this area. 
'We hope that East Devon Crematorium will offer an attractive and peaceful setting.'

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