Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What a M-ugg... cop buys high price Uggs out of police funds.

Cop used police cash to buy Ugg boots

A US police sergeant was fired for using funds from his department's uniform account to purchase Ugg slippers as a gift for his wife.
Sergeant Michael Kurland, from the Brookline Police Department in southern New Hampshire, had claimed he was reimbursing himself for an out-of-pocket purchase for the town's drug prevention program, when it was learned the purchase was actually for the pricey designer footwear, WMUR-TV said.
When the town's police chief, William Quigley, confronted Sergeant Kurland about the illegitimate expense, he was reportedly less than forthcoming, the report said.
Sergeant Kurland was placed on administrative leave in December and last night, the town's Board of Selectmen voted to fire him for the offence.
"If Sergeant Kurland had simply provided that detail, admitted to what he had done right away, we probably wouldn't be here," said selectman Tad Putney at the hearing.
"I don't think today was any resemblance of justice of any kind," Sergeant Kurland said after the hearing.
"We have an officer who gives years and years of service to his community. The support through the hearings was obvious; a new chief comes in, and all of a sudden this happens. I think it's obvious what's going on," Sergeant Kurland's lawyer Raymond Mello said after the board's decision.

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