Friday, May 6, 2011

Men do not have a one track mind... they think of food and sleep also.

Exposed as a myth: Men don’t have a one-track mind... they think about sleep and food as much as sex 

Last updated at 5:40 PM on 6th May 2011
It's often said men think about sex every seven seconds.
But a study shows that they daydream about sleep and food just as much - if not more.
Researchers asked university students, both male and female, to click a counter each time they thought about sex, food and sleep.
And, somewhat surprisingly, the results show men have been unfairly labelled as having a one-track mind.
Men quite literally think about food - and sleeping - as much as they do about hanky panky
Food for thought: Men quite literally think about food - and sleeping - as much as they do about hanky panky
While men thought about sex just over once an hour, compared to women about once every two hours, they also considered food and sex just as often, according to researchers at Ohio State University.
‘There was nothing special about sexual thoughts,' study researcher Terri Fisher told LiveScience.
    ‘Males thought more about any of the health-related thoughts compared to females, not just thoughts about sex.’
    Behavioural Psychologist Jo Hemmings, author of How To Have Great Sex, explains why men are so preoccupied with their stomachs. 
    She told MailOnline: ‘There tend to be more trigger mechanisms to thinking about food. The sights and smells associated with eating, as well as simple hunger or thirst, tend to be more commonplace in everyday life than the trigger mechanism for thinking about sex, so inevitably we think more about it.'
    Aside from this, those with a mathematical mind will have realised that the ‘sex every seven seconds’ stereotype doesn't make sense.
    For to achieve this, a man, if he was awake for 16 hours, would be thinking about sex 8,000 times a day - or as often as breathing.
    However, Hemmings explained that men are 'more "hot wired" to think about sex from the physiological point of view, so they invariably think about it more than women'.
    The research team used 163 female and 120 male university undergraduates in the study.
    The figures above are an average – but one unnamed man nearly did fit the seven-second stereotype.
    He literally thought about sex every 158 seconds, or 388 times a day.

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    1. I think we, as men in-general, do more than just think about sex, and one-track minds. Some of us have more depth, if one sees the forest for the trees, as some of us are interested in scholarly topics, saving the world, seeing through the lies the MSM tells us, etc., I think one would be surprised. We aren't all rapists, murderers, or some low-class pervert who thinks of wanting to plow anything that walks.