Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nudists recruiting for clothes-free lifestyle...

Nudists seek out the young and the naked to up their numbers

Last updated at 9:28 AM on 3rd May 2011
    Going naked isn't as big as it used to be.
Over the past few decades, membership in major nudist organizations has been flat or declining, and operators of nudist cruises and beach resorts are worried about a dearth of young adherents to the clothes-free lifestyle.
While nudism experienced a flowering of popularity in the 1960s and 70s, many nudists are now graying, and boosters of the so-called naturist lifestyle are keen on bolstering their ranks.
Nude bathers on beach
Fun in the sun: Boosters of the nudist lifestyle are keen on recruiting young people, before their sub-culture dies out
Nude beaches: Cap d'Agde in France is sometimes called the world's first nudist colony
The Wall Street Journal reports that nudist leaders are trying a number of fresh tactics to recruit young members.
Some nudist resorts offer free weekend stays to young people, and some have set up special areas accessible only to nudists under 30.
    While that may sound familiar to people raised in the 60s, thanks to the popular slogan 'never trust anyone under 30', organizers say the purpose is to help young people feel comfortable taking off their clothes, so they don't feel like 'eye candy' in the presence of devotees the age of their grandparents.
    No clothing in pool area sign
    Follow the signs: Nudist areas traditionally have many rules, including bans on photography and body piercings. Some rules may be relaxed for young people
    A number of youth-focused nudist groups have recently been started, such as Florida Young Naturists and Vita Nuda.
    Special events planned to attract young nudists include reverse-strip-poker nights, nude volleyball tournaments, naked road races and music festivals like Nudepalooza and Nudestock.
    Restrictions will also likely be eased at nudist resorts, which previously prohibited body piercings and shut down pools at sunset. 
    In the past, some older nudists have complained that youngsters kept them up at night and behaved too rowdy, but it seems that the generations may have to come to more of an understanding, if the naturist culture is to continue into the future.
    Nudist camp
    Historic scenes: Nudism has been around for decades, if not millennia. Nudist camps and resorts have seen their attendance drop, however
    Nudist camp
    Good old days: Nudists hope to see a rebirth by attracting more young members

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