Tuesday, June 7, 2011

1965 VW Beetle does 0-60mph in 1.6 seconds....

VW electric dragster The Black Current does 0-60mph in 1.6 seconds

It's a mash-up made with a 1965 VW Beetle and an old milk float, it does 0-60mph in 1.6 seconds... and it runs on batteries.

Olly and Sam Young with their zero-emission dragster The Black CurrentOlly and Sam Young with their zero-emission dragster The Black Current (Pic: Dominic Romney)
This electric dragster, called the Black Current, would leave even the £1million Bugatti Veyron behind – the Veyron takes 2.5seconds to hit 60 – but only for a short time, as its top speed is a rather ordinary 133mph. 
The car’s performance at the Alternative Energy Racing tournament earned its makers top prize in the zero emissions final. 
‘You can’t imagine how fast it is – it’s pretty hard to explain. It felt absolutely awesome,’ said designer Olly Young, 34. 
He created the vehicle with his brother, Sam, 30, at their Berkshire workshop. The pair clinched a world record at the Santa Pod raceway in Northamptonshire when their dragster covered 400m in less than ten seconds. 
But the Young brothers believe the vehicle, powered by 60 12-volt motorcycle batteries, can be made faster still. 
‘We will try and keep making the car even lighter and more powerful,’ said Olly. 
‘The only thing we get out of it is pride...and the excitement of course.’ 
Their next challenge is to race overseas and take on petrol-powered dragsters.
Watch the Black Current in action below:

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