Friday, June 17, 2011

Woman dials 911 emergency over wrong takeaway order

  • 17 June 2011, 11:35

Woman dials 911 over wrong takeaway

Chinese takeaway /Rex
Police in the US were shocked when a woman called 911 to report she'd received the wrong order from a Chinese takeaway.
Officials have now released the audio of the call in a bid to highlight the type of calls people should not be making to the emergency number.
During the two minute call, the woman asks for police officers to be dispatched to the restaurant in Savannah, Georgia.
"I need the police. It's this Hong Kong type restaurant to go," the woman said when asked what was the emergency.
"I ordered food and they done bring the wrong food. I done brought it outside and they ain't going to give me my money and I need my money.
"Uh-uh, I need to someone to handle this. They ain't going to do me in any kind of way."
Officers were eventually dispatched - but only to give the woman a caution for wasting police time.

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