Saturday, July 30, 2011

German police baffled by skeleton driving car....

  • 29 July 2011, 14:39

Ghost busted

Spooked cops couldn't believe their eyes when they checked their rear-view mirror - and saw a car being driven by a ghostly skeleton.
The brave boys in boo pulled over the vehicle in Plattling, Germany, only to discover it was a British registered car being driven by baffled Martin Williams, 23.
He told police he'd snapped up the plastic life-size model at a local flea market but strapped it into his front passenger seat because he thought it would be damaged in the boot.
A police spokesman said: 'It was only when we stopped the car that we realised it was a British right hand drive car - and the skeleton was therefore in the passenger seat.
"We could not make any charges against him as it is not illegal to have a plastic skeleton in your car."

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