Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Unhappy holiday snaps

  • 27 July 2011, 12:27

Unhappy snaps

A photographer has been quizzed by police after the crocodile he brought to a lake for happy snaps with holidaymakers escaped terrifying hundreds of swimmers.
The six foot long reptile - at Lake Shira in Siberia, eastern Russia - gave his owner the slip as he haggled with tourists over the price of a souvenir photo, reports local media.
Horrified swimmer Anna Luneva said: "I was swimming and suddenly realised there was a crocodile in the water. I was so frightened I almost lost my mind.
"Everyone was panicking," she added.
A special police wildlife unit eventually recovered the crocodile, which is recovering at a nearby aquatic centre.
"It was quite a young crocodile and there is plenty of food in this lake - swimmers. We didn't want him to escape and grow any bigger," commented an officer.

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