Thursday, October 21, 2010

Don't monkey around with me!

You want some? 21-STONE pet chimp smashes police car windscreen with fists after breaking free from owner's chains

Last updated at 11:55 AM on 21st October 2010

A 21-stone pet chimpanzee broke free from its owner's chains and went on the rampage through Kansas City, flipping over bins and attacking a police car.
Female primate Sueko, known as Sue, was spotted wandering around a suburb close to the city's zoo. 
Police officers were called and shot the chimp with a tranquiliser dart, but she shrugged off the effects and kept going.

Rampage: An irate Sueko is captured by the dashboard camera as she leaps on to the bonnet of a police car in Kansas City
Oh-uh! An irate Sueko, captured by a police car's dashboard camera, leaps on to the bonnet of the officers' car
Escape: The 300lb primate shoved a bin into the front of the patrol car before clambering on to the bonnet
The infuriated primate rammed a bin into the front of the patrol car before clambering on to the bonnet
Still attached to the chain, the enraged animal takes a run at the police car with a bin before using it to run up on to the bonnet.
It then shatters the windscreen with a powerful blow from her fists before the police car drives away. The chimp then leaps off and sits by the road.
    Eventually Sueko was coaxed nto a cage by her owner and taken home, but city officials have now confiscated.
    Police said she was capable of opening doors and her owner has been fined for having a dangerous animal within city limits.
    Kansas City officials said: 'The decision was in the best interest of the community and the animal.'

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