Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cleaning service goes naked....

Nude cleaning agency launched by hard-up Czech students 

A nude cleaning agency has been set up by a group of Czech students who lost their temp jobs during the credit crunch.

Czech Crazy CleanersTurning their busts into a boom: Those crazy Czech cleaners (CEN)
The Crazy Cleaners business in the Czech Republic charges £150 per hour for its services, which include a choice of operatives in their underwear, topless - or full frontal.
Economics student Katka Kopecka explained: 'We needed to find work and couldn't find it so we thought of this.'
'Nobody likes cleaning and everyone likes to look at a good body,' added the 21-year-old, an alumnus of Charles University in Prague.
Don't go presuming the agency offers cleaning services by ladies only, by the way - the firm currently has a mixture of 15 male and female students on its books.
And it's emphatically not sexual in tone, as our friend Katka pointed out: 'Quite often the people asking for our services are busy business people who want to relax. 
'Watching someone clean your house in underwear is a nice way for them to relax.
'But this is not a prostitution service, it's just a cleaning service.'

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