Friday, November 5, 2010

Man in breathalyser costume arrested for drunk driving.

Man in breathalyser costume arrested for drunk driving 

A Halloween reveller in Nebraska, USA lived to regret his ill-conceived fancy dress costume after police pulled him over to take a breathalyser test. 

-Nieveen: 6.9% drunk, 100% idiot
When an inebriated driver was pulled over by police after being spotted swerving dangerously across the road in Lincoln, Nebraska he must have known that his chances did not look good. The bottle of vodka and empty beer cans might be overlooked, but the head-to-toe breathalyser costume was going to be a dead giveaway.
Matthew Nieveen, 19, had spent the evening at a Halloween party in Lincoln, Nebraska, where he decided to model himself after a blood alcohol monitor used to test suspected drunk drivers. It is believed he then got behind the wheel of his pickup truck after the party, drunk and in full costume. 
Lincoln Police Chief Tom Casady, who has blogged about the arrest, said that Nieveen smelled of booze, slurred his words and had watery eyes when they pulled him over to investigate his unruly driving. Police say that his blood alcohol level was 0.08 and sufficient grounds for a DUI, though this figure falls far short of the ‘6.9’ proudly displayed on the chest of his costume.
According to Casady there were a whole slew of drink-driving felonies commited by sozzled motorists in costume over the Halloween weekend. Upon his arrest Nieveen 'was joined at the detox centre by a French maid and a naughty border patrol agent.'

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