Monday, November 1, 2010

US Republican claims Denmark has 'Death panels'.

Senate candidate claims panels play God in determining patient’s need for treatment
Denmark has been dragged into the US mid-term election after a candidate for the Senate criticised the country for having “death panels”, where some patients with terminal illnesses could be refused treatment.
No such panels exist, but according to Berlingske Tidende newspaper, in the US state of Nevada, Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle’s campaign team has disseminated flyers accusing her incumbent Democratic opponent, Harry Reid, of wanting to implement them in the US as part of President Barack Obama’s health care reforms.
The flyer states that: “these panels will decide if you get needed medical treatment, in part based on age, even if your doctor says it is medically necessary to save your life. If the panel decides ‘no’, that means your life will not be saved ... just like in Canada, England, France and Denmark... .”
Reid reportedly denied the claims, saying that “death panels” a feature of neither his plan nor the Danish health service. 

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