Sunday, January 30, 2011

Adultery site proves success-Denmark

Adultery site causing a stir

Adultery site causing a stir


Danes welcome dating site for people looking for affairs
A dating site for people in relationships is proving very successful, reports TV2.
Only three months after its launch in Denmark, Norway-based dating site has reached 60,000 Danish users.
The site, whose slogan is "Relive passion - find an affair", guarantees 100 percent anonymity. Users cannot mention their address or other tother details that could reveal their identity. Pictures must be blurred so that faces cannot be recognised.
Marriage therapist Rikke Thuesen was concerned that the site could change people’s attitudes towards infidelity.
"Of course, the responsibility of whether or not people cheat on their partners does not lie with the site," she said, "but by making it easier for people to do it, it can somehow legalise it in people's consciousness."
According to TV2's statistics, almost 70 percent of Danes in relationships have had an affair. In a poll on the TV station's website, some 77 percent of the 2,626 people responding were against the site.

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