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Hanging in the balance... artist walks on cable car wire across mountain.

Hanging in the balance: Daredevil acrobat's spectacular tight rope mountain walk... with no harness or safety net

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This acrobat always did have a head for heights. But today he took his daring act to a whole new summit when he scaled the wire of a cable car over the Swiss mountains.
These stunning images show Freddy Nock completing his latest feat - walking more than 5,200 feet down a mountain cable car wire - without a safety net or a harness.
Freddy Nock
Balancing act: Swiss acrobat Freddy Nock moves carefully as he walks along a cable car line more than 10,000 feet above the ground - without a harness or safety net
Freddy Nock, a hire wire artist extraordinaire who works for a circus, undertook this latest stunt near the Swiss mountain resort of St Moritz.
Using only a balancing stick, the 45-year-old walked down the cable of a funicular on Mount Corvatsch - which is 9, 908 feet above sea level.
Enlarge Freddy Nock
Long way down: Nock's incredible feat was his second attempt. Bad weather forced him to abandon a first try
He shuffled along the cable for some 5,249 feet, starting from the mountain station - at an altitude of 10,836 feet - to the middle station, which is 8,865 feet above sea level.
Nock, who starting learning acrobatic skills at the age of four, successfully completed the walk on his second attempt, after bad weather forced him to stop earlier in the day.
He previously performed similar stunts Germany, staging a climb over the slopes of the country's highest mountain, and walking 900-metres over Lake Zurich.

In August 2009 Nock climbed up the steep cable on the slopes of Germany's highest mountain for charity, scaling the 3,264-foot-long line with only a balancing pole and not nets or safety rope.
During that climb, which took him 50 minutes, Nock gained 1,141 feet in altitude and - in front of 1,800 spectators - finished his climb 9,655 feet above sea level.
He raised $19,000 for a German charity which runs rural developmental projects in Ethiopia.
Freddy Nock
Daredevil: Nock walked down over a distance of some more than 5,200 feet

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