Thursday, January 27, 2011

Car good enough to eat? Mercedes unveil tasty Smart car...

Car good enough to eat?

A chocolate-themed version of the Mercedes Smart car has been unveiled in Tokyo, a few weeks before St Valentine's Day.

Designed by a Japanese accessories company, Q-Pot, the car is brown and patterned like a bar of chocolate.
The limited edition vehicle costs just over £18,000, which is £4000 more expensive than a standard version of the Smart car.
Designer Tadaaki Wakamatsu, targeted the car at the Japanese Valentine's Day market, where it is traditional for women to buy husbands, boyfriends and male colleagues chocolate on 14 February.
He said: "I designed this car hoping that not only men but also women would drive this car and spend sweet time at the wheel."
Orders for the car can be placed from 2 February to 13 March, one day before the so-called 'White Day', when Japanese men repay the women who gave them gifts of chocolate with other presents.

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