Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Can naked chef get men to cook?- Hong Kong.

Can Naked Chef Get Men to Cook?

  By Lisabelle Gonsalves, Team iDiva   posted Feb 9th 2011 at 12:58PM 

Do you land up whipping up a meal alone every evening because your hubby would much rather crash on the couch and flip channels? Well, here's a cookery show that promises to get men to don that apron and get busy in the kitchen (at least in Hong Kong).

A Hong Kong adult channel is all set to debut a cooking show hosted by model, now known as the naked chef, Flora Cheung. She will prepare Cantonese dishes wearing a tailor-made risqué apron that in her words "covers pretty much everything but hides nothing." 

Get this: Flora has absolutely no experience in a restaurant kitchen but she's always liked cooking and wants to share the enjoyment with others.  

The 30-minute show will feature Flora cooking her personal favourites like fried vermicelli and ox-tongue in wine sauce from scratch - yes, shopping for ingredients in Hong Kong's wet markets included! Once, she's back in her studio kitchen, Flora will start undressing! Talk about a daring way to get men to cook

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