Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Snakes cause panic on train-Poland

Snakes on a train cause plain panic 

A big yellow snake terrified passengers aboard a train in Poland, after it escaped from its carry box and slithered through a carriage.

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snake on train in polandThis 3.5ft long snake threw commuters into a panic after slithering down passenger compartments aboard a train (Picture: Central)
Passengers travelling between Gdynia and Zakopane yanked the emergency brake and climbed up on their seats as the 3.5ft reptile crossed their paths.

The train was brought to a halt at Llawskie station, where passengers fled the scene and police and firemen boarded to remove the animal.

Police spokesman Slawomir Nojman said: 'Police and animal welfare officers arrived at the scene, and after about an hour, the snake was caught.' 
And it had reptile company on the locomotive, as another snake was also then discovered. 
 'And then we found another snake - but this one was still in a carry box,' Mr Nojman said.

The reptiles were meant to be delivered to an address in Nowy Sacz, but have been taken to a local veterinary practice.

'Both snakes were unharmed and we are looking into the whole affair,' the police representative added.

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