Friday, March 18, 2011

TV star blames driving offence on breast implants...

  • 17 March 2011, 9:33

Star blames driving offence on implants

Simona Suhoi Sorin Cazacu
A Romanian TV star who was caught driving without a licence blamed an emergency caused by her new breast implants.
Simona Suhoi, 28, faces up to five years in jail after police found her behind the wheel a month after she was banned from driving.
The former singer and designer, who is known as Simona Sensual, was pulled her over for not wearing a seatbelt in her home city of Bucharest.
She said: "I admit I shouldn't have driven the car but I had no other choice.
"You see, I was having terrible pains in the chest, I think it was because of these brand new breast implants.
"I tried to get a taxi but they were all busy so I jumped into the car and dashed for the clinic. I mean, what was I supposed to do?"
Ms Suhoi, who had her licence suspended when she was involved in a traffic accident, says she will contest the charge in court.


  1. huh, she should call that as a bad day. First the pain and then the jail part. Though why blame the implant if your the one driving the car? I mean, putting seatbelt wasn't that long so she should first put it before hitting the road. And when it comes to Breast Augmentation Los Angeles is the best place to visit to ensure that your are free from any pain.

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