Friday, April 15, 2011

Couple's naked wedding a day to remember-Austria

  • 15 April 2011, 10:03

Couple's naked wedding to remember

Naked wedding /Europics
An Austrian couple tied the knot in the buff after trying to find a way to make sure they would never forget their wedding day.
Bride Melanie Schachner, 26, wore just a veil while groom Rene Schachner, 31, sported nothing but a top hat to cover his modesty when they got married in Feldkirchen.
"We're not ashamed of our bodies and we wanted to do something different. It certainly saved on a wedding dress," explained Melanie.
"It will certainly be a wedding our guests will never forget," added Rene.
Thankfully for the couple, the registrar managed to keep any giggles and embarrassment under control.
"The guests seemed to be taking plenty of pictures so they obviously weren't put off by out nudity. Many said it was a great idea and added extra fun to our day, which we had been planning for a few years," said Melanie.
The pair got hitched in a register office service in front of friends and family before celebrating in a castle.
"Luckily it was a lovely spring day and quite warm otherwise it would have been a bit chilly for the naked lovebirds." said one of the guests.


  1. Ha ha ha! What an idea! I wish they chose to do it in winter!