Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dalek to serve royal wedding drinks...

  • 27 April 2011, 11:20

Dalek to serve royal wedding drinks

Chris Balcombe and his Dalek /Solent News/Rex
One Royal Wedding street party is set to have a waiter with a difference - a Dalek serving up trays of drinks and sandwiches.
Doctor Who fan Chris Balcombe spent a week transforming the Dalek, painting it in red, white and blue and festooning it with flags.
He said: "I got the party accessories from the Hampshire Flag Company in Waterlooville.
"They supplied the flag bunting and hand flags because so many places had sold out."
A picture of Wills and Kate has pride of place between the normally lethal ray gun and plunger arms.
And in place of the familiar black plunger, he created a mechanical grip to allow the dalek to carry trays piled high with drinks and sandwiches.
Mr Balcombe, 51, from Hampshire, a collector of sci-fi props, has been a dalek operator for the BBC and also 'drove' one in a Kitkat advert which starred Kelly Brook and Lemmy from Motorhead.
"I have three daleks, and this year I thought I should create something special in honour of William marrying Kate," he said.
"It took ages, but if it brings a smile to people's faces then it's been worth it. It's not everyday we get a Royal Wedding, so it was well worth the effort.
"Besides, I bet our Friday bash is going to be the only street party with a dalek serving up the grub!"


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