Monday, April 25, 2011

Danish TV to teach the French about sex....

Broadcaster sells sex series to French TV station
Although the series takes a direct approach to sex, it doesn't feature any nudity, both of which were selling points (File photo: Colourbox)
French-speaking TV viewers in 47 countries can now look forward to being taught about love, seduction, orgasms and relationships by Danish sex experts.
Public broadcaster DR has just sold the rights to its programme series “I seng med DR2” (In bed with DR2) to French TV channel Planète No Limit, which broadcasts to France and other French-speaking countries such as Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Haiti, Fiji and a number of Western African countries.
The international interest in the 12-part series came as a surprise to DR’s head of international sales, Helene Aurø.
“Initially, we didn’t have any ambitions of selling the series to foreign countries. But after it finished third in a contest last year about the best public service formats, we decided to launch it globally,” Aurø told DR.
“Planète No Limit was attracted to the direct approach of the series, and of course the universality of the subject matter. Also, since there is no nudity, it is easier for them to sell it on to other TV stations,” she explained.
DR2 broadcast the series last year, and it can still be viewed online at

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