Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Australian Wallaby caught hopping around in English garden

Wallaby caught on camera in Dorset garden

The three-foot high marsupial, usually found in Australasia, has been spotted hopping around a lawn in Lyme Regis, Dorset.

Jan Cooper had gone out into her garden at 7am to film what she thought was a fox.
The 61-year-old was stunned to discover a wallaby bounding around her flowerbeds.
The animal spent around two hours jumping around the 100ft lawn before leaping over a six-foot fence into a neighbour's garden.
The grandmother-of-six said: "I called my husband and told him there was a lovely fox in the garden, then as I was speaking I just trailed off as a kangaroo leapt across the lawn right in front of me.
"I told him 'there's a kangaroo on the lawn', I can't tell you what he said but he didn't believe me.
"That was when I regained my senses and started filming it. It was incredible.
Mrs Cooper dialled 999 and Dorset Police carried out a search of nearby properties but failed to find the animal.
A search was later carried out by the RSPCA, who yesterday said it is possible the animal had escaped from an animal sanctuary and was one of a number living wild in the UK.
They urged anyone who may have seen the animal to call their helpline 0300 123 4999.
Wallabies are mainly found across Australia and New Zealand. There are also a few populations of wallabies in the British Isles, the largest of which can be found on the Isle of Man where there is a breeding colony of around 100.

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