Saturday, May 21, 2011

Man wins £350,000 with £1 bet

Man wins £350,000 with £1 bet

A man has won more than £350,000 after staking just £1.

Bookies William Hill said the Glasgow-based man, who wishes to stay anonymous, scooped £353,000 after winning a seven-horse accumulator bet.
The single father has not worked in five years after he had surgery on his heart, and admitted he was struggling.
He said: ''I'm shocked. I regularly place these little bets and everyone tells me I'm mad.
''I've hit the bar a few times but this is incredible.
''My brain was a wreck and I couldn't understand the balance on my account. I first thought it would pay about £21,000 and had to get my son to come and translate that the numbers meant I'd actually won £353,000.''
He said he would spend his winnings on buying his own home, and planned to visit his sisters abroad.
He placed his 50p each-way accumulator on seven horses running at Brighton, Nottingham, Towcester and Kempton.
A spokesman for William Hill, who took the bet, said: ''He's our luckiest ever punter.''

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