Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Customers drop salads for full-fat fast food - Australia

Customers opt for full-fat fast food

fast food salad
Three per cent are not like the others, according to a new survey of fast food choices.
  • 97pc of customers shun "health" options
  • Women in groups most likely to pick salad
  • Researchers not surprised by their findings
MOST customers are choosing full-fat items when buying fast food and ignoring the healthier options, a survey shows.
The survey showed less than three per cent of customers who ordered a meal at Subway or McDonald's bought a food item that was promoted as a healthy choice.
Of the more than 1000 lunchtime diners interviewed for the study, only a tiny minority went for McDonald's Tick Approved choices or Subway sandwiches billed as containing only "six grams of fat or less".
Griffith University researcher Louise Atkinson said older women in groups were more likely to choose the healthier option.
"(Healthy) purchasers were 14 years older (on average than diners consuming full-fat meals) ... 80 per cent of them were female and they were more likely to be dining with other people," she said today.
"(Purchasers) from the Subway store ... felt that the meal they had purchased was healthier, regardless of whether it was nutritionally promoted."
Ms Atkinson said the findings were not surprising.
"A lot of people don't tend to go to fast-food outlets to choose a healthy option," Ms Atkinson admitted.
"(But) it is concerning to realise they are offering it, but (so) few people are choosing it."
A McDonald's spokeswoman said the company was pleased with its range of healthy options and would continue to expand it.
The study included 26 Subway and McDonald's outlets in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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