Sunday, May 22, 2011

Russian newsreader giggles over pot farm guarded by pigs...

May 13th 2011 By Ali Plumb

VIDEO: Russian newsreader gets the giggles over Canadian marijuana farm story

God good we love a good giggle. Be it an amazing double-entendre executed live on-air ("Long, stabby thing", anyone?), a Swiss politician cracking up for no good reason or Natalie Portman being utterly adorable, giggles are amazing. And now we've got another beauty, and it's from Russia, and it involves bears, marijuana, pigs and "a big dog".

The victim of the giggle attack was one Ms. Tatiana Subbotina, who was delivering a report about a marijuana farm in Canada. It seems what was making her erupt into chuckles was the fact that this farm was guarded by bears, dogs and pot-bellied pigs.

That's right, bears, dogs and pot-bellied pigs. Even if we weren't in charge of a farm that grew illegal substances, we'd love to have a bear guarding our office. Would stop the junk mail, that's for sure.

Anyway, as you'll see from the handy subtitles to the video below, there were 13 bears keeping watch over the British Columbia ranch, but what really got Tatiana was the news of a pig also kicking about.

"What the hell is a pig doing there?!", she shouts. Then she makes a few jokes, has some banter with the behind-the-scenes staff, makes some faces and somehow makes it through.

In other words, it's a lady giggling, joking about bears smoking weed, and still trundling along. That, ladies and gentlemen, is professionalism. Kind of. Maybe.

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