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Your six 'must have' friends...

Your six 'must-have' friends!

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From being a shoulder to cry on to the one who spices up your world with gossip to the brainy one, there are six 'must- have' friends for every girl, writes Rachel Fernandes 

There's a saying... Friends are the siblings God forgot to give us. Ask any girl and she'll over whelmently agree and tell you about zillion stories about her various girlfriends. The best part about girlfriends is that each one comes with a unique personality. There's always something about her that one can associate with; be it her ability to see the lighter side of life or her wizardry with dealing with numbers or her knowledge about guy things, the list is endless. So as you raise a silent toast to them, here are the six types of girlfriends you just must have.

The soul sister: 
Kind of a mix between a sister and a soulmate, she is an absolute must have friend. She understands your state of mind without you needing to spell out the obvious to her. Most often she's just a phone call away, night or day. She's the one who you can share your deepest secret without the fear of the world getting to know about them. She is also the one you turn to when you've somehow gotten yourself into a mess and desperately need a ray of hope to cling onto.

The gossip monger: 
She's the one who'll fill you up on all the important gossip, right from which friend is dating whom, which couple has broken up, who is available on the dating scene, office gossip, gym gossip, networking site gossip, movie star gossip. She's also the one who will tell it to you like it is, no sugar coating for her. She can be blunt and brutally honest to the point of irritation, but you know that she's only looking out for you.

The number cruncher: 
Ladies, you may hate me for saying this, but most of us women are just plain scared of numbers and anything to do with them. We'd rather leave that boring task to the husbands, fathers, brothers or the CAs while heading off on a merry retail-therapy trip. So when it comes to deciphering what exactly your proposed salary statement means, what is the precise amount that you need to invest to avoid the tax man, decoding those mind-boggling insurance and loan statements and everything else that has a mathematical angle to it, having that brainy friend becomes an all important necessity.

The dude friend: 
This is one type of friend who every girl need. She's like a reservoir of knowledge about guy things — bikes, sports, gizmos, etc. She'll keep you updated on the latest gadgets, help you figure out those little known yet essential functions on your new phone, enlighten you on all the action in the world of sports, talk to you about cars and bikes and most of the other 'guy' things. Best of all, she'll also give you the man's point of view to your nagging relationship issues.

The foodie friend: 
Every girl needs that one friend who'll happily join her on her food experimenting trip. Tell her your food cravings and she'll suggest the best places to head to. Best of all, she'll be more than happy to accompany you on your binge trips without nagging you with that dreaded word calories. She knows where you can get the best yet cheapest food and which restaurant makes your favourite dish exactly the way you like it. Ask her about new restaurants, discos, pubs or even a dhaba and she'll point you in the exact direction.

The workout buddy: 
Every girl needs a workout buddy. She's the one who'll force you to exercise away those extra calories. She'll motivate you to run 'just one more lap' or do 'a few more crunches'. She can be worse than a task master, but when you see the stunning effect it's had on you, you know exactly who to thank. 

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