Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Too close for comfort... maneating sharks swim 15 feet from beach.

Too close for comfort: Pack of 18-foot sharks advance towards Long Island shore

Last updated at 7:32 PM on 1st June 2011
A West Hampton beach was closed after a group of sharks were spotted 15 feet off the coast.
The group of sharks came unusually close to the shoreline at West Hampton Dunes, NY yesterday afternoon. The sightings, which come just a day after Memorial Day weekend, shocked the residents and beach goers.
Police said there was about 50 people on the beach at the time as surfers and swimmers were frantically rushed out of the water. 

Shark Sighting
Alert: A pack of sharks came within 15 feet of Long island's shoreline
Authorities were also investigating the remains of a seal that washed up on the beach this morning, which may be linked to the sharks.

West Hamptons Dunes Sergeant. Tim Turner confirmed reports of sharks
 within 15 feet of the shoreline began to come in yesterday afternoon around 3pm
    Approximately five to seven shark fins were spotted and though shark sightings are not uncommon, it is rare to see a group of them at the same time.

    One onlooker said: 'It was pretty close to the beach and I'm certainly happy I wasn't in the water at that time.'
    The area was closed as the 18-foot sharks stayed swimming near the beach well into the evening. It is believed that they were thresher sharks, which are commonly found in tropical waters.
    Shark Sighting
    Shark Sighting: Surfers and swimmers were called out of the water when a group of 18-foot long sharks spotted
    Warning Poster
    Warning: Beach goers and residents shocked by recent shark sightings extremely close to shoreline
    A local resident commented 'I’ve lived here 12 years and I’m here all year-round. I’ve never seen this before.'
    Residents gathered to watch them just after 7pm. Sergeant Turner said local officials normally close a beach until sharks clear out. 

    Another resident Richard Anderson said you have to keep this scare in perspective.
    'More people are killed crossing the streets, I suspect, than are killed with sharks,' Anderson told WCBS 88.
    No one was injured, but the sharks were the only ones who got to enjoy a full day at the beach.
    The Suffolk County Parks Department will make a decision Wednesday morning on whether to allow swimmers back into the waters off Cupsogue and Smith Point Beaches.

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