Saturday, October 16, 2010

Missing !!! Another millionaire....

Camelot poised to reveal where £113m EuroMillions ticket was bought as winner STILL hasn't come forward

Last updated at 9:51 AM on 16th October 2010
      The great £113 million Euro fortune mystery continues - a week after the biggest ever winning ticket in UK Lotto history was revealed.
    Camelot said yesterday that after seven nail biting days they are still waiting for the winning claim to be made - but admit it could be several weeks before the fantastically wealthy winner comes forward.
    No one has so far called them to claim the staggering rollover £113,019,926 prize since it was drawn last Friday night.
    No clues will be given as to where the ticket was bought for another week - then the hunt will be on in that area to find one of the UK's newest multi millionaires.
    By matching the numbers 9, 30, 35, 39, 46, with lucky stars 6 and 8, the winner instantly became the 589th richest person in the country - wealthier than Take That's Robbie Williams.
    The lucky winner is also missing out on £8,500 a day in interest.
    Co-op worker Peter Lowery this week boasted on his Facebook page that he was the £113million ticket-holder, and even posted a picture of the alleged winning EuroMillions ticket.
    But friends of the 26-year-old cast doubt on the claim saying it was an elaborate ruse.
    Elaborate ruse: Former Nissan worker Peter Lowery claims he holds the winning ticket for last week's £113million lottery jackpot

    A Camelot spokesman revealed that it is not the first time a big winner has delayed coming forward.
    He said: 'We had the second biggest prize of £20 million at one time in the past and it took the winning ticket holder three weeks to come forward.
    'Every winner is different and there are different elements to their story.
    'It varies to be perfectly honest. 
    'The winning player may be unaware of their win, or away, and haven't physically checked their ticket."
    'They may have a routine. You can buy Euro tickets four weeks in advance and they may not check their tickets until the next cycle, who knows.
    'They have 180 days to claim their prize.
    'In the meantime the interest on their £113 million goes to the Lottery's national good causes so we are all winning.'
    Record: Nigel Page with Justine Laycock after he scooped £56m in February
    Record: Nigel Page with Justine Laycock after he scooped £56m in February
    Numerous Britons have won EuroMillions jackpots in the last year.
    Among them are Bolton gardener Brian Caswell, who collected £24.9million in June 2009, while in November Les Scadding and his wife Sam from South Wales and the Lucky Seven syndicate from Liverpool each banked £45.5million.
    Other winners include the Sturt family from Dorking, Surrey, who won £26.1million in January and an anonymous winner who banked £39.7million in March.
    Nigel Page smashed the British lottery record in February with his £56million EuroMillions jackpot.

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