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Why bad girls are sexier - Times of India

Why bad girls are sexier?

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Why bad girls score good(Getty Images)

You need to shed the good girl tag to win love... 

Sugar and spice isn't always nice. In the dating game, just being nice to your man doesn't make him more devoted; at times you need to be the 'bitch' to walk down the Valentine path.

That, in a nutshell, is best-selling author and columnist Sherry Argov's premise of her seminal books Why Men Love Bitches and Why Men Marry Bitches . "Men secretly respect a woman who is strong, has confidence and dreams of her own," says Sherry. "They don't want women who are needy and desperate for approval."

So the key to conduct new-age relationships is: discover the feisty attitude that will turn you into a diva from a doormat," says Sherry.

Why nice girls finish last 
Ever wondered why despite putting your best face and foot forward, and treating your dreamboat like a dream, he seems to go for someone smarter, sassier and sexier - aka 'The bitch?' It's possibly because:

- You're making it too obvious that you're looking for a man and your happiness is dependent on that.
- You are unable to be alone.
- You don't want to wait for the right person. You to rush into a situation you wouldn't have otherwise.

Do men like strong women? 
The general consensus is that men get intimidated by strong, opinionated women who pose a challenge. But the truth is that any extreme is a turn off. On the contrary, there is nothing more attractive than a woman who has dignity and pride in who she is. So to woo the love of your life, be someone he desires. And he can't desire something that is too easily available. It simply means you must be in control and keep him guessing. Besides, never forget the golden rule of relationships: You don't marry a perfect person. You marry an interesting person.

The 'bitches' don't... 
- Call or text him frequently.
- Ask where he is or what he's doing.
- Say 'You don't call me enough,' or, 'You never tell me you love me.' Unpredictability is your asset. Don't let your loved one decode you easily.
- Agree with everything he says. When you never express your opinion, a man starts feeling bored.
- Go looking for him or chase him down at three different places where he said he might be having a drink. To be his 'steady', let him come track you down.
- Get mad when he doesn't call you in four days.
- Rearrange your schedule to spend time with him

The bitches do... 
Walk the tightrope between being intimidating and independent by being feminine, yet quietly strong. When you don't make obvious what your strengths and weakness are, your partner won't be able to read you. And when a man can't read a woman fully, he respects her more. A woman with self-control has power and men are turned on by that.

Eliminate the third angle 
Worried about finishing second best in the love race? Well, first ensure you are the one he's amorous about. If he meets you and is crazy for you, other women should be a non-issue. If you're number two for any length of time, it means there are "too many queens in the castle."

Then, just walk out. Calmly tell him the relationship is "no longer interesting" and wish him luck.

Be happy and positive 
Value yourself and your peace of mind. Don't chase happiness outside yourself. Most importantly, try not to give energy to what others think of you; it takes away your power. If you feel good inside, others no longer can control you emotionally. This kind of calm and self-sufficiency is very attractive. Men are used to women who wear their heart on their sleeve and go crazy for the one they can't control.

Pursue your own dreams 
Focus on interests outside the relationship. He can know you care, but doesn't need to know how much. Men don't want to compete with other men for your attention, they want to compete for your time because you aren't waiting for him 24x7. 

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