Friday, October 15, 2010

Ugly App hits iphones.....

Ugly Meter: The 99p iPhone app that tells you how good-looking (or not) you are

Last updated at 1:48 PM on 15th October 2010
It is perhaps the answer to every model agency talent scout's dream.
A new iPhone app has been launched that claims to be able to tell you how ugly, or not, somebody is.
The Ugly Meter app lets users take a photo of a person's face and then 'analyses' its contours in real-time before displaying a score out of ten. The higher the score, the uglier the face.
The Ugly Meter iPhone App
Cheryl managed a respectable 4.2 out of ten but still won;t be happy with the results....
The Ugly Meter iPhone App
The Ugly Meter iPhone App
... but at least she beat her X Factor rival Danni who almost hit the top Ugly score
An on-screen grid helps the user line up the picture for best results and, moments after the picture is snapped the app’s caustic judgment is displayed on the screen.
And when tested on the faces of some of the world's most glamorous celebrities the results were a little controversial, to say the least.
In a head-to-head battle between fellow X- Factor judges Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue it was the former Girls Aloud star who came out on top.
She scored a respectable 4.2 which prompted the acerbic put down: 'Wow you're ugly, is your doctor a vet?'
But Dannii’s face fared even worse, scoring a terrible 9.8 out of ten and was told: ‘You’re so ugly, you could make a glass eye cry.’
While it is obviously just a light-hearted bit of fun, there are some who may take issue with the Ugly Meter’s judgment of curvaceous TV star Christina Hendricks.
The Ugly Meter iPhone AppThe Ugly Meter iPhone App
Christina Hendricks might be an object of lust to millions but she didn't impress the app
The Ugly Meter iPhone AppThe Ugly Meter iPhone App
But Angelina Jolie received an almost perfect score and was rated 'hot
Despite the being the object of lust for millions of men across the world, the Mad Men actress' pale-faced beauty did not impress the gadget’s scanner as she scored an top 'ugliness' score of ten out of ten.
However the Ugly Meter was rather more complimentary about Angelina Jolie, who scored an almost-perfect 2 out of ten which earned her the admiring phrase: 'You're so hot you make the sun jealous.'
But there was bad news for her husband Brad Pitt, who was beaten by David Cameron.  The Prime Minister might not be everyone’s idea of a chisel-jawed hunk but he still managed to outpoint Brad by a single point.
The app costs 99p to download from Apple’s App Store and requires 5.5MB of free space on the iPhone to work.
It was developed by app designers The Dapper Gentlemen.

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