Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Well, well, well....

Get a moo-ve on: Firefighters rush to rescue cow from well after 10ft fall

Last updated at 9:29 AM on 5th October 2010
A cow was lucky to escape without major injury after falling down a 10ft well.
The one-year-old toppled into the shaft and landed in muddy water was winched to safety by firefighters, having been sedated by a vet.
Eleven firefighters from Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service rushed to the scene and began the two-and-a-half hour rescue by draining water from the well.
Cow in well
Problem: Firefighters had to drain the well of muddy water before a vet sedated the scared animal
A vet and firefighters were then able to use a ladder to climb down to reach the cow, who they sedated and secured with ropes.
The crew then used a 'teleporter' to lift the animal out of the well at Hayleaze Farm in Crudwell, Wilts.
Adam Martin, rural safety officer and crew manager, said the cow was sleeping and even snoring through the ordeal due to her heavy sedation.
He said: 'The cow was in an extremely confined space and would have been very frightened by what had happened, so the challenge was to get her sedated and then lifted free.
'The water was drained from the well, which allowed the vet access to carry out sedation - it was then safe for us to get down to her and put strops around her.
Cow in well
Great escape: The cow is removed using a hoist and is now recovering from her ordeal
'This was a difficult rescue, because of the location, but the crews worked brilliantly with the farmer and the vet to achieve a really good outcome.
'Apart from a few cuts and scrapes, the cow was no worse the wear for her ordeal.'
Firefighters used a hose reel jet - usually enlisted for putting out fires - to blast the thick mud off the cow, who is now recovering well after the early morning incident.

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