Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lottery winner goes back on the buses...

Lotto winner back on the buses

Kevin Halstead /PA
A bus driver who won £2.3m on the National Lottery has announced he's going back to the job he loves.
Kevin Halstead, 47, gave up his job with Stagecoach after his jackpot win last March, reports The Mirror.
But he has now decided to go back to driving the 125 route between Bolton and Preston because he misses his workmates.
Mr Halstead said: "I do miss working on the buses. When you've been doing something for 17 years and then you suddenly stop it does seem strange.
"It's the banter me and my mates had that I miss more than anything. I will come back in a couple of months on a casual basis, if and when I want."
The father-of-one had driven the 125 from Bolton to Preston, which goes through his home town of Chorley, every day since 1994.
He added: "My life has changed but I haven't changed a bit. I do drive a Range Rover now but I still have my old Renault Laguna."
Mr Halstead's former workmates are looking forward to seeing him back on the buses.
One, Andy Stuart, said: "Kevin is just a quiet guy who gets on with his job. He's still as down to earth now as he was before.
"But he did come in one day looking for some screws to fix his ­wheelbarrow. You'd think he could buy a new one now."

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