Sunday, February 13, 2011

Man has favourite coffee brand tattooed onto him...

Tatt's the way to ink love for NT iced coffee

IT IS not unusual to buy a memento of a favourite drink; such as a Guinness T-shirt, a Tooheys bottle-opener or maybe a Coca-Cola yo-yo.
But Kieran Hollis of Stuart Park loves Paul's Iced Coffee so much he had a carton of the stuff tattooed on to his shoulder.
Mr Hollis, who works in the Navy, woke up and smelled the coffee 10 years ago, when he moved to the Territory.
"There's nothing more Territory than Paul's Iced Coffee," he said.
Mr Hollis, 26, hasn't even told the iced coffee manufacturer, Parmalat Australia, about the tattoo, because the thoughtful fellow feared it might be upset about copyright issues.
The tattoo was inked in "one of the better" parlours in Thailand, where his parents work, after a Darwin tattoo shop refused him. "They wouldn't do it, they said it would look stupid," he said.


"Having moved from Darwin to QLD quite a few years ago the thing I miss most is a Paul's scoffee, wish they would sell them down here"
"I used to drink it every day."
At the airport on the way to Thailand, Mr Hollis downed a carton of the tasty milk drink before flattening it into his baggage, so the tattooist could recreate the image about six months ago.
He said that the tattoo cost about $100, and took about 7 1/2 hours.
He said that he would return to Thailand to have some of the finer details of the tattoo completed.
The expiry date on the tattoo carton is his birthday.
"It's a bit of a story to tell," Mr Hollis said.

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  1. That's the craziest thing i have ever imagined . The idea is great for the crazy coffee lovers around the world .

    Finn Felton

    Kopi Luwak