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Crisis? What crisis? £15 million 3-bed flat for sale.

Crisis? What crisis? The £15m 3-bed flat on sale in London

Last updated at 10:01 PM on 15th January 2011
    The Candy brothers' One Hyde Park opens this week... with £1bn worth of flats already sold, proving there are still some squillionaires out there. Entry-level buyers need not apply... 
One Hyde Park £15m apartment
An electric sliding door (left) effectively seals off the bothersome chatter from Knightsbridge's hoi polloi. The glass is triple-glazed but not, perhaps disappointingly for some buyers, bulletproof... The curtains (silk, of course) will automatically close if the sun's glare becomes too much. Entertaining Guests: Never mention the air-con (right). In One Hyde Park's apartments it's cunningly concealed and linked to geothermal boreholes that run 140m below street level. See? Tread softly: The two seating areas in the living room are carpeted with Chinese silk rugs, embossed with a geometric pattern designed by Candy & Candy
One Hyde Park. Even for ultra-luxury property kings the Candy brothers, that's quite a postal address - nestling neatly between Knightsbridge and Hyde Park, and more desirable than any piece of Britain not owned by the Royal Family. 
The development contains 86 luxury apartments (plus three boutiques - naturally, Rolex and McLaren are already signed up). 
One Hyde Park £15m apartment
One Hyde Park £15m apartment
Work to live or live to work? Who cares? The carpet in the study (left) is Chinese silk, and the walls are lined with cream leather. LED lights illuminate the leather-lined shelves, and the desk and chair are made of ebony and vellum. The furniture out on the terrace (right) is supplied by British firm Indian Ocean, and made from brushed aluminium
Establishing exactly how many have been sold - and how ludicrous the prices are - has become a highly entertaining cat-and-mouse game for the media, because only putative owners are ever told the precise details. 
But Live understands that a one-bed starts at about £6.5 million, and that over 60 per cent of the flats have been sold - which could be either disappointing or (considering the prices) very encouraging for the Candys, depending on how you choose to look at it.
One Hyde Park £15m apartment
One Hyde Park £15m apartment
Residents of One Hyde Park can call on valets, a concierge and butler room service from the next-door Mandarin Oriental hotel's two restaurants, overseen by Heston Blumenthal and Daniel Boulud. Don't forget to buy your lottery ticket this week and it could be yours'... 
At the other end of the gilded scale, a penthouse reportedly sold for £140 million last summer - instantly becoming the most expensive property in Britain.
A three-bed apartment such as the 3,056 sq ft showcase flat pictured here would start at about £15 million - and that's unfurnished. 
But owners who worry they might have paid through the nose can easily reassure themselves: One Hyde Park-ers enjoy sumptuous shared features including a cinema, a 21m swimming pool, saunas, a gym, a golf simulator, a wine cellar and - naturally - a valet service. 
And they can call on valets, a concierge and butler room service from the next-door Mandarin Oriental hotel's two restaurants, overseen by Heston Blumenthal and Daniel Boulud. One Hyde Park opens this Wednesday.
One Hyde Park £15m apartment
One Hyde Park One Hyde Park apartment
Don't forget your toothbrush: The master bedroom (left) is encased in wall-to-wall beige stone and grey St Laurent marble, with a solid plinth of marble used for the sinks and bathtub. The marble is one of 15 types used in development, sourced from several countries, including Brazil, Italy, France and Turkey. £100 million worth of glazing and bronze cladding has been used in the apartment blocks (right), which are designed to let as much light as possible through from Knightsbridge to Hyde Park

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